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Learn From "The Founder of Tennis Evolution, Jeff Salzenstein, Former Top 100 ATP Singles Player, 2 Time Stanford All-American And National Champion, and USTA High Performance Coach
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ONE TIME $47 OFFER: Stop dealing with nagging injuries and dramatically improve your flexibility so that you can perform the techniques that John asks you to do in order to build that rock solid serve foundation. Get Flexibility For Tennis it's powerful lower and upper body routines (level 1 and 2) on court pre match warmup, and 4 FREE Bonuses: “ Open Your Hips” , Trigger Point Release” , “ Super 7,” and “ Fix Your Feet” . This is a one time offer only on this page.

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Learn how the pros hold and feel the racket to produce leverage, power and spin.
  • Learn the keys to placing the ball perfectly every time!
  • Learn how perfect balance and alignment produce power and reduce injury. 
  • Key body-serve connection injury prevention exercises you must do.
  • Discover how to allow your swing “to fall into place” naturally without effort or tension!
  • Discover the true key elements to achieving a powerful and consistent serve.  
  • And much, much more.
Outstanding Reviews On John's Trainings
  • "John, your serve course is superb…maybe better than that. Having now used your course, I can tell you my serve problems are substantially cured...the technique is going beautifully. You have broken the serve down in a way that I have never seen, and your willingness to ignore many of the teaching mantras is both refreshing and correct.  I also love your teaching method and intend to spend a lot of time checking out every video you post.
  • - Jim Wechsler, 4.0 Player, Seattle, WA
  • "I've had a lot (a lot) of experience with personal and online coaching (plus books) and I want to say that you are the best coach I've found so far.  For me, it's easy to determine who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't - I try it out and see if it works.  That serve series has some things that I've never heard before (or never heard explained in the right way) and I'm a bit blown away.  I initially thought you misspoke when you were speaking on relaxation - you were talking about a movement happening by itself and I thought, that can't be true - but I tried it and - wow, the sound.  I'm now 100% convinced.
  • - Jonathan Cremlin - 4.5 Player 
  • "I was fortunate enough to speak to Roger (Federer) today after his practice. I asked him about the keys to his serve. It was amazing. I think Roger must have watched video 11 from your serve foundation course. Thank you so much!
  • - Will Fletcher, 4.5 Player, Talked to Federer at Wimbledon
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Jeff Salzenstein  And John Craig
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